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Raw cooked

Only a few equipment in my kitchen but lots of preparations, most of which required days or even weeks of maturation, ready to accompany meat or fish. Time is of great importance in my cuisine, time to mature products and control their evolution.

Let’s take the example of mackerel which goes well with meat, in this case, with veal meat. I place the mackerel in the oven at 63°C and let it develop without cooking and when I think it is ready, I caramelize its skin with a torch until it is “raw cooked”. That means a fondant meat delicately crunchy on your teeth with an almost raw core. I have spent a long time studying and observing this complex technique and I end up with a spontaneous and violent gesture for a result full of tenderness.

Throughout the year, I create unique, delicate, round glazing, with varying degrees of acidity which coat the meat for a unique cooking. Every meat, every skin, every cooking is embellished with these techniques I developed over the years.

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